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Uncover thousands of years of history, vibrant traditions and rich culture.

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Old Town of New Experiences

In the second half of the 19th century, the first initiatives for the development of tourism emerged. "The people of Ptuj invited travelers to view the ruins of the famous Ptuj past, praised the mild climate and quality wines, and recommended baths in the fast-flowing and clean Drava River." (Marija Hernja Masten, Staro mesto ob Dravi)

Ptuj is a city where millennia of history, heritage and culture intertwine. It offers cultural experiences 365 days a year. The most visited of these is Kurentovanje, when the city transforms into the largest open-air ethnographic museum of intangible cultural heritage, listed on UNESCO's list. Lonely Planet has ranked Kurentovanje among the ten most interesting carnivals in the world.

Under the Drava bridge flows a mighty river, offering plenty of opportunities for relaxation and nature experiences – a romantic walk along the Drava, observing the colorful variety of birds at the Ptuj Lake, catching sun rays at the Ptuj beach...

You can take a tour of Ptuj's cuisine with the help of a culinary map. Taste of Ptuj

Ptuj - Interweaving Millennia of History, Living Traditions and Rich Culture

Ptuj is a city of thousand-year-old history; it is a lively center of culture and a city of exceptional ethnographic heritage, offering cultural experiences 365 days a year.

Ptuj Castle is one of the most visited museums in Slovenia, where you can view museum collections of national significance while on a trip. In Archaeological Park Poetovio you can view the archaeological remains of the Roman city of Petovione, the largest Roman settlement on Slovenian soil.


One of the top 10 carnivals in the world, when the city turns into the largest open-air ethnographic museum of intangible cultural heritage. Kurent: A traditional Slovenian carnival figure. The Kurent, which is the most popular Slovenian ethnographic figure with international recognition, can be experienced in its original form all year round using the latest modern technologies in Kurent House.

In the chronicles of the old beech tree of the Church of St. Mark in Markovci, the figure of the Korant is mentioned in writing as early as 1829. An important part of the so-called 'Fašenk in Markovci' are also other ethnological carnival figures.

Taste of Ptuj

Taste the local specialties through a modern culinary-wine experience in the oldest Slovenian city. In the backdrop of the oldest Slovenian city, surrounded by vine-covered hills, taste the diversity of local culinary specialties, lovingly prepared according to old local recipes and with a touch of modern hospitality. Enhance the refined flavors with the unique wines of the Haloze and Slovenske gorice.

Destination Ptuj

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Active leisure time spending.

Ptuj, with its surrounding hills and the Drava region, offers wonderful opportunities for leisure time. The wine-growing Mestni Vrh with its vineyards, orchards and panoramic views of the oldest Slovenian city will surprise both hikers and cyclists. Active nomads - motorhomers can stop at the newly built camper station (PZA) in the village of Zabovci

Lake Ptuj
Ptuj Lake - a paradise for birdwatchers.

The largest Slovenian permanent lake is also one of the most attractive. On the protected area of the river landscape, more than 230 species of birds nest, including rare and protected species, which are observed by bird lovers from all over Europe.

Ptuj Lake
opazovanje ptic
Terme Ptuj - Health and Thermal Park

Relax at the Thermal Park Term Ptuj, a huge water park with outdoor and indoor pools and numerous water attractions for all generations.

The water from the Ptuj thermal springs is especially recommended for sports efforts and musculoskeletal injuries, and it also has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system. That is why the Term Ptuj water park is often visited by athletes.

Terme Ptuj
Therme Ptuj

How to get to Ptuj

Ptuj is located along major transport links, making it accessible from both Slovenia and the surrounding countries.

Ljubljana1 hour 30 minutes
Maribor30 minutes
Vienna3 hours 30 minutes
Zagreb1 hour 20 minutes
Budapest3 hours 30 minutes
Graz1 hour 30 minutes