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Local quality with a Prlekija story, with homeliness and hospitality, in the way we experience and live it as local inhabitants.

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Time passes differently here.

"A land, beautiful as in a fairytale - that my homeland down there ... " wrote Franc Ksaver Meško, one of the famous people with roots in our region, a hundred years ago. We are part of Prlekija, a land of warm, open people, we know how to live, to rejoice and to cry if necessary, we are kind and sociable people with an innate sense of humor and we also wish well to others.

Vineyard hills, with poplars on them, here we call them palms, hamlets and single houses, here and there a church and former manor houses – castles with wine cellars.

Experience nature with the chirping of birds, playful voices along the River Drava and the song of rattlesnales in the vineyards.

The most interesting and visited tourist trail is the wine road, where Jeruzalem is the most popular and visited tourist trail. There are many winemakers and a variety of wines, among which the traditional and domesticated shipon variety has a special reputation. He is a society of many other varieties, both world and domesticated: Laški riesling, sauvignon, Rhine Riesling, chardonnay, traminec, pinot gris, pinot noir, blue franconian ... In our country, wines grow and ripen for all tastes of the world!

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How to get to Jeruzalem Slovenija

How to get to Jeruzalem Slovenija from the major surrounding areas

Ptuj30 minutes
Maribor1 hour
Ljubljana2 hours
Graz1 hour 30 minutes
Vienna3 hours 30 minutes
Zagreb1 hour 30 minutes