Active holidays

Active holidays

Discover exciting outdoor adventures.
Štajerska offers plenty of outdoor activities. Whether you go on picturesque hiking trails on Pohorje, Kozjak, Boč or Donačka Gora, cycle along the Drava Cycling Route, between vineyards or forests of Pohorje and enjoy exciting water sports, Styria offers endless opportunities for adrenaline junkies.
Free your mind on Pohorje

Why cycle? + Pohorje is interwoven with a variety of cycling routes. + There are plenty of scenic spots on Pohorje, where you will be rewarded for your effort with a beautiful view. + Bike rental is possible - making a quick recreation or excursion a spontaneous decision. + With electric bikes you can extend your trip without running out of energy. + Adrenaline rides in Bike parks are something you won't forget.

Bike Jeruzalem

Bike Jeruzalem runs between soft rounded wine hills with terraced vineyards, past mixed forests and beautiful views.


Breathtaking are the views of Svetinje and Jeruzalem with its pilgrimage church, which serve a colorful palette of colors from which rattles can be heard in autumn and where a noble wine drop glistens in glasses.

Bike Jeruzalem kolesarjenje

Gorgeous Network of Hiking Trails
With every step you take, you get closer to your thoughts and further away from worries. An attractive destination for an escape from the stressful world, promising peace and relaxation.

  • Beautiful nature, hiding a rich plant and animal world.
  • Mountain forests, Lovrenško, Črno and Ribni
Drava Cycling Path

The 510 km route runs from the source of the Drava River at Toblach, Italy, through Austria to Slovenia and further to Croatia, where it ends at the confluence of the Mura and Drava rivers near Legrad. The trail in Slovenia is 145 km long and runs mostly on less busy local roads and arranged cycling routes. 

Due to the different types of pavement base and the more demanding climb between Podvelka and Lovrenč on Pohorje, the Slovenian part of the trail is suitable for better prepared cyclists. The use of trekking and electric bikes is recommended. One of the more interesting adventures to experience cycling is the traditional raft on the River Drava.

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