About Štajerska

Štajerska has its own unique taste, feelings and experiences, history and tradition.

Štajerska, urbanatural pleasure!

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If you imagine a destination where you don't have to choose between urban and natural worlds, as you can indulge in both in a blend?

Have you ever dreamed of starting the day by discovering galleries, museums and trendy spots on a city bike and then continuing to explore the artworks created by nature with the mountains, forests, rivers and lakes?

Imagine the feeling of personally meeting a winemaker among his vineyards just minutes after his wine has delighted you at one of the city's markets. Perhaps that one where the world's oldest grapevine is solemnly recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. Or that one belonging to the oldest city in the country, boasting some precious testimonies of the Roman Empire among other things.

Imagine experiencing culture and trends, tradition and innovation, local delicacies and Michelin-awarded cuisine at the same destination. Plus thermal pampering after adrenaline-filled adventures, knowledge, business, theatre, concerts, castles and so much more.

In the heart of Europe in Slovenia, the only country in the world with the word love in its name, lies Štajerska, which offers everything on small sustainable distances and with hospitality, openness and relaxation always gives a feeling of home, even if you are far from home.


Urbanatural pleasure.